9NetWave helps you establish and maintain your online presence with the following services:

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Domain Name Management
  • Domain Security
  • Domain Consulting

Domain Name Registration

We register your domain names for you with secure registrars such as Epik, Dynadot, GoDaddy, and NameBright. The choice registrar sometimes depends on whether we are drop catching your preferred domain name as soon as it expires or if it is available in an auction.

Domain Name Management

We safely and effectively manage your valuable domain names. We renew your domain names and send you spreadsheets showing your domain holdings and opportunities to improve your web presence with better quality domain names.

Why use domain management?

We help you register and manage your domain names while you focus on your business products, services, and customers. We live and breathe domain names. We lower your domain holding costs to save you money and avoid registrars that want to take advantage your lack of oversight. Some registrars charge a number of junk fees that don’t provide you with any value nor help ensure that your domain names are renewed.

Domain Security

Our cyber security skills protect your domain names from evolving threats and DNS abuse.

We monitor domain registrations to discover if criminals are potentially spoofing your business and compromising the security of your customers.

Domain Consulting

We help you pick domain names for your business that help reduce your marketing costs.

We use data-driven strategies to help you maximize the business value of your domain name portfolio.

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