Do Social Signals improve your SEO?

It seems that Google Plus signals are influencing a page's rank in Google's search algorithm. Google +1 signals work because Google is able to determine the identity of these signals and Google logs these signals. So it is worth getting a Google Plus account, building up your profile and social circles, and getting known as a quality author. Google bot looks for the author's Google Plus profile address in the author meta tag, so you want to include this meta tag link in your head section.

Here is the code for a sample Google Plus author meta tag:

sample Google Plus author meta tag

For example, if Danny Sullivan posts something on a forum, Matt Cutts wants to know about the post. Danny Sullivan is widely considered a leading "search engine guru."

Do Social Signals From Twitter and FaceBook Improve Rank?

Matt Cutts responds to the question: Are pages from Facebook and Twitter ranked differently? Published on Jan 22, 2014

Answer: No, Google does not rank a website based in part on Facebook and Twitter signals, because Google is often blocked when crawling these social sites, so the signals would not be reliable. Facebook and Twitter are great ways to build your personal brand. However, Google is not able to consistently access these signals. Some pages may have a lot of links on Facebook, but correlation is not causation. People may be just linking to something awesome.

Are pages from other social media sites ranked differently? This may change over the next 10 years, but as long as it is difficult to determine identity, they are not going to make a difference.

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